Embroidery is a traditional method of decorating on fabric material that provides an elegant presentation of your corporate message. Your logo is digitized (programming of the machine) and then stitched directly onto the product. The embroidery machines then creates the programmed patterns and logos. It is typically used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform programs.

Screen Print

Your corporate message is applied directly onto the products' surface by pushing ink through a fine mesh screen. The screen printing process ensures your imprint looks its best on a wide variety of fabrics. This is the most common method of decoration providing you a cost effective solution along with excellent visibility.


The process of debossing is offered on most leather and simulated leather products. A die is created of your logo and then heat-pressed onto the product creating an ‘impression’ of the logo. Debossing provides a subtle, yet higher perceived value on many products.

Laser Engraved

Your logo will look refined and elegant with laser engraving. The logo is carved directly into the surface using a laser. The even and clean lines create a detailed look to any logo. Laser Engraving is most commonly used on wood and metal products.


Sublimation is a method by which dye is transferred onto fabric through a process of heat and pressure. It is the easiest and fastest technique of decorating fabric with an image or pattern. The sublimation process dyes the garment, rather than printing on top of it with screen-printing. Because the colour infuses into the fabric and becomes a part of it, it is less susceptible to fading over time, and has a better, seamless feel. Sublimation also allows for an unlimited range of colours and design options.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative process typically involving a client and a designer attempting to convey a specific message to a targeted audience through the design. Our graphic designers will work with you to create your logo to your exact specifications. To see a portfolio of work that has been completed please visit the portfolio section.